For the girl who likes to create conversations in her head while sitting on the toilet.
For the person who likes to dream about money, control, and power.
For the believer who believes in romance, love, and fairytales.
For the kid who plays with meals, desserts, clothes, and make-up.
For the drunkard who thirst for wine and liquor, and others that smell and taste like it.

This is a space. A hodge podge. A little crack in the head of somebody. Some are original some are taken somewhere along the road, the toilet, or the internet. So don’t mind it.

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themed by Cherrie H.

Found my happy place! Next time, i’ll shop here for travel goodies! :) #travel #flight001 #accessories #bagtag  (at High Street Central)

Found my happy place! Next time, i’ll shop here for travel goodies! :) #travel #flight001 #accessories #bagtag (at High Street Central)

17th Aug 2013 (9:24 pm) - By alleniec



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